Wondering if anyone can help me here. I have a heat pump for my pool. It says min fuse/breaker 50amp and maximum 60amp. So I have a couple options and questions I was hoping someone can help with. To start I have two sub panels in my basement. One is a 60amp panel and one is a 100amp panel.

Scenario 1

The 60amp panel has an old 20amp breaker for a tanning bed that no longer exist. I was thinking of swapping that breaker out to a 60amp breaker ( max breaker for heat pump is 60 amp ) and run #6 wire through basement about 40ft out to a disconnect then a whip with #6 wire to the pool.

Scenario 2

I have another sub panel that is 100amp panel. That has currently a 50amp break for a jacuzzi and two other 50amp breaker for a remodel done before I moved in. There is also a few 20amp breakers in there. However there is still a lot of space left in this panel. My though was simply drop in a 60amp breaker and run #6 through the house to the disconnect with a whip to heat pump with #6 wire.

I think either will work. Total is about 40ft down a wall outside to disconnect and pump. My only question was in scenario 1 the sun panel only is only a 60amp panel (based off breaker that is in main panel) this is a small panel with only then pump and chlorinater in there.

In Scenario 2, I was just wondering since there are already so many larger breakers would I trip something of these happened to be turned on at same time ?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

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