I'm trying to connect two simple ceiling pendant lights, and my contractor put in a new single pole switch box with 1 black, 1 white, 1 bare. No power runs to it (checked it with the meter) so I suspect the power is going straight to the ceiling light fixtures BUT those ceiling light fixture boxes have just 1 black 1 white and 1 bare too. There is no other wire in the ceiling boxes that run straight to the switch. But the plot thickens - there is another switch box just arms length away that has 2 black, 2 white, 1 red, and 2 bare. (One of the blacks is hot). Maybe this has something to do with the circuit? Should I test to see if there is power going to the ceiling boxes? Does it make a diff?

I'd be highly grateful if anyone has any ideas of troubleshooting this. I'm not sure what to even test for.

  • We need to know more. I realize you may just see a mishmash of wires, but they are grouped into cables and we need to know more about the groups. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Apr 25 '19 at 13:29

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