Currently, we have a small oval undermount sink in our bathroom that is roughly 16 by 19.5. We are thinking bout changing it to a large, rectangular, above-counter sink (13 x 18 x 5) but we obviously have a cut-out in the counter for the undermount. Can we still use the same countertop? The new sink already is pre-drilled with a single faucet hole and the drain hole and comes overflow.

Thanks for any insight


This will only work if the new sink (including the lip that sits on the counter) is larger than the old sink - it looks like your new sink is actually a bit smaller (13x18 vs 16x19.5) which means there will not be any surface area on the counter for it to rest on.

Lets say for a second you did find a slightly larger sink. You now need to consider the counter material. If it is a laminate counter you can easily enlarge the hole for the new sink, however if it is a stone like granite, you will need some specialized tools and know-how in order to enlarge the hole; it could end up being cheaper to just replace it.

You also need to consider how you will remove the old sink. If the new one is a fair bit larger you can just cut it out, but if margins are tight, you will need to very carefully break the old sink free without damaging the counter.

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