I recently replaced a Moen 1225 cartridge (for a T8350 Moen faucet). That fixed the leak, but now when I turn on the faucet (by pulling it out) the faucet does not stay at the temperature I put it at. The faucet handle will turn just a little bit. The handle moves very freely. I checked the holding screw to the cartridge and it is good and tight. So the cartridge and the handle are moving together. How can that be fixed?

Edit: the temp does not vary much but the faucet does move enough to make the tem change. And when turning the faucet, there is very little friction. I have similar faucets in the house and they need more effort to turn than this one for which I replaced the cartridge

  • Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. Are you saying that the temperature changes when you increase the volume, or that you can't set the temperature at all? – Daniel Griscom Apr 23 at 23:53
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    Hello again. Your two accounts are here and here. Use the contact form to request that they be merged. – Daniel Griscom Apr 25 at 12:57

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