Hello I'm looking to add the sense monitor to my breaker box outside on the side of the house. It looks like it's full. I took a few pictures of the breaker panel and know that you could add sense to an existing breaker, so I'm wondering if I could add sense to any of these breakers?

Outside main breaker panel:

Breaker Pic. 1

main breaker label pic 1

main breaker label pic 2

main breaker label pic 3

Sub Panel 1:

Sub panel 1

Sub Panel 2:

Sub panel 2

AC units

AC units

  • Shoot us pictures of subpanel #1 and subpanel #2. – Harper Apr 22 at 17:53
  • Sub panel 1 hosts: fridge, microwave, oven, kitchen gfci's, living room outlets, garage outlets, garage lights and doorbell. Sub panel 2 hosts: upstairs lights, smoke detectors, bathroom gfci's, bedroom lights and outlets, washer, dryer. Probably doesn't tell you much, I'll add pictures up this evening when I get home from work. – Nimish Apr 22 at 18:23
  • What make and model is that meter-main? – ThreePhaseEel Apr 22 at 22:27
  • @ThreePhaseEel are you talking about the smart meter from the energy company (PG&E)? – Nimish Apr 23 at 2:37
  • 1
    How much trouble would it be to wire a circuit back to the main panel from any of the subpanels? If the current feeders are in conduit with sufficient empty space, that may actually be easier than freeing up space in the main panel. – Nate Strickland Apr 23 at 21:43

Assuming you are referring to the BRAND name 'Sense" energy monitor. It needs to connect to the voltage and have the current pass through the current transformers (CTs). So you need a 2 pole circuit breaker (to protect itself) at the same location as the main incoming power for the CTs. So putting it at one of the sub-panels would be problematic, unless you only want to monitor the power consumed off of that sub-panel.

But without knowing everything, why do you have a sub-panel for the pool, then you have another breaker that says "Pool E.Q."? If whatever the E.Q. is can be powered FROM that same sub-panel, that would free up a spot in your main panel.

Alternative 2 is that you would get a "quad" breaker set, 4 poles that connect in a 2 pole space.

  • This looks very much like a "rule-of-six" panel (no main breaker, exactly six double pole breaker spaces), so a quad breaker would not be allowed here. – Nate Strickland Apr 22 at 21:02
  • Advanced thanks for everyones help. Correct I'm talking about sense.com the “Sense” Energy monitor device. I wanted to monitor everything so was planning on putting the Sense energy monitor at the main breaker panel outside. I bought a house with a pool that was already built, the Sub Panel "Pool H.” is for the Pool House, the Sub Panel "Pool E.Q" is for the pool equipment which hosts: Pool filter, pool pumps (pool, spa, waterfall, cleaner), pool water heater, automatic water leveler & a salt water generator. – Nimish Apr 22 at 21:16
  • Good point about the 6 hand rule, I missed that. – J. Raefield Apr 23 at 0:01
  • Do you really need 100A at a pool house if it doesn't include the pool equipment? I doubt it. You might want to look into moving the pool equipment to that sub panel to gain the extra space in this one. – J. Raefield Apr 23 at 0:03
  • 1
    @NateStrickland Yep, not planning to host a rock concert or anything like that. I'll add in those pictures and info this evening when I get home from work, thanks in advance to you and the community! – Nimish Apr 23 at 21:07

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