I have an older refrigerator that has a working ice maker that I want to put in my garage to have a second supply of ice when needed. The only water supply in the garage is an outdoor spigot. I wondered if I could potentially tap into this for a water supply for the refrigerator? Is it technically possible? If so, is it a bad idea for unforeseen reasons? The garage has a garage door that is closed most of the time, so it is not directly exposed to the elements.

  • How long does that spigot go between uses - think of the kitchen tap water does not stay in it for more than a few hours, but that spigot? odd car washes, summer watering... – Solar Mike Apr 22 at 13:32
  • Are you in a freezing climate? Is the outdoor spigot frost free? – Tyson Apr 22 at 14:46
  • It is not actually being used right now, and I do not know if it's frost free, but I think it is. I live in Cincinnati, so temps get below freezing during the winter regularly. We currently keep soda & drinks in the garage on a shelf. During the winter time they will get nice & cold & ready to drink, but not frozen. I guess my biggest concern was water pressure & how I'd actually hook it up. – churnd Apr 22 at 17:15
  • The spigot is not actually being used, I mean. – churnd Apr 22 at 18:46

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