My outside unit works but my inside unit does nit turn on, its a bryant a/c system. On the unit it says the circuit board is built into the blower motor. The transformer buzzes. Can I replace the circuit board without replacing the blower motor?

  • Sure, if you can get "just that part" (depends how "built-in" it is - sometimes you cannot even get individual parts of an assembly, at least from the manufacturer) but without first isolating where the actual problem is, replacing any particular part may not fix the problem. Throwing parts at a problem that's not fully diagnosed can be quite expensive. – Ecnerwal Apr 21 at 19:43

I have been told I did not answer the qestion,simply put you can not switch off beause the wiring is wrong.

  • Hello, yet again. Please, please, please add a space after punctuation! And, the OP said that this worked until a power surge; are you saying that the surge rewired the system? – Daniel Griscom Apr 26 at 14:39

I Have not dealt with this exact problem,it could be the blower motor is faulty,a buzzing sound maybe locked bearings or winding fault,can not be more precise with inormation I have,Steve uk engineer best wishes.It occured to me the buzzing noise maybe condensate pump running.NOises can be hard to pinpoint,check this out first.

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