If the main panel is fed with a 3 wire service and a generator transfer switch with a service disconnect was added - would it be considered a sub panel?

  • It's normal for a main panel to be fed with 3-wire (no ground) service. You are asking, if you add a main-side generator transfer switch, does the transfer switch become the main panel? – Harper - Reinstate Monica Apr 21 at 16:44
  • Why, oh why, are you considering whole-house transfer here? It's generally far less risky in the long run (fewer fancy load-shed doodads which can break, and less chance of accidentally overloading the generator because you forgot a load-shed doodad somewhere, especially a risk when you start adding things down the road) to have the transfer switch feed a dedicated standby subpanel instead of trying to transfer the whole house. – ThreePhaseEel Apr 21 at 18:23

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