I am replacing my condenser fan motor: Emerson (200-230Volt; 825RPM; 1/4HP; 440VAC; 7.5uF; model# K55HXFHD-7740; THREE WIRE SETUP) with a Dayton208-230Volt; 825RPM; 1/4HP; Grainger part# 4M226BG; FOUR WIRE SETUP.

The Old Capacitor is a dual capacitor (45 + 7.5uF 440/370VAC)

It sounds like I have two options for a capacitor. I could add a single capacitor to the setup (5uF/370VAC) and just leave the old dual's fan terminal empty; or I could replace the old capacitor with a dual capacitor (45 +5uF / 370VAC).

Which setup would you go with and could you walk me through how you would go about wiring this new four wire motor?

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