Some days ago, i have checked the ceramic cartridge of my sink mixer tap.

I opened and cleaned it and I now have a leak from under the lever. I think I'm not tightening enough the nut, so the water is leaking (only when the lever is actionned).

I don't want to over tighten it. What is the correct tightening torque for that kind of single lever mixer tap? (For information, the tightening nut is 32 mm large.)


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I'm not sure torque values are the right way to go about this since many things can affect a torque reading here. Most plumbers don't use torque wrenches.

Instead, make sure all the seats and seals are clean and in good condition. It shouldn't take much torque to get a seal. It's not usually screw pressure that creates the seal, but o-rings that fit between the walls of parts, creating their own pressure, as well as internal springs.

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