I have s 60 amp sub panel that powers only 3 20 amp circuits. Can I add a 50 amp breaker for my range?

  • What do those 20A circuits feed? – ThreePhaseEel Apr 12 at 4:09
  • Microwave, disposal, refer – gtyler0501 Apr 12 at 4:12
  • Can you post a photo of the subpanel in question? – ThreePhaseEel Apr 12 at 11:33
  • New install. Going to be coming off of a 125 amp main panel.. – gtyler0501 Apr 12 at 12:53
  • 1
    What ThreePhaseEel is getting at is that you have not provided enough information. For example if you have a 40A feeder and #8 wire going to that sub panel, you cannot add a 50A branch to it. Details matter. – JRaef Apr 12 at 22:26

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