I need a table for using laptop computer with external display and also working on graphic design on paper and computer, and handheld devices. I'm thinking I need a reasonable large table with both the height and the angle of the table top adjustable.

I've found this product: https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Sit-Stand-Tilting-Adjustable-Angle/dp/B07PZKFFB3

But it is too small to also sometimes have my paper draft laid out.

Any suggestion?


Look for a "drafting table". I happen to like the vintage ones, but there are more functional varieties with shelves, drawers etc. as well.

enter image description here

Just a suggestion to help the planet: LOTs of people have been giving these things away for free or dirt cheap because companies don't do mechanical drafting any more and they take up a lot of space, so check out your favorite on-line resources (like Craigslist, Nextdoor etc.) before shelling out a lot of money.

  • When it is adjusted to horizontal, is it at a height suitable for writing while sitting in a normal chair? – qazwsx Apr 21 '19 at 5:39
  • Depends on the height of the chair... i.e. define "normal". Also depends on the desk design. – JRaef Apr 22 '19 at 17:59

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