Hope you can take a look at the drawing and let me know if its ok to hook up the waste like this. The plan is to remove a section of gal at both locations in red and install a pvc sanitary tee and attach with 1-1/2" Fernco Proflex couplings. The existing sink drain that will be removed is @ 14" center. The 2 new drains will be @ 22" center to get up inside the vanity. Hope this makes sense. Thanksenter image description here


You show a trap for the laundry, so you need a trap for both sinks and the shower, if you don't fit them then you could / will end up with smells coming in...

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    Sorry. Did't show traps. The existing shower has one and I'll install separate traps inside the new vanity for the sinks. I just wanted to make sure I can add sink #2 to the existing 1-1/2" vent
    – Randy M
    Apr 11 '19 at 16:14

It may not meet “code” due to the number of fixtures with just an 1-1/2” vent, but I think it will work fine. Also, “code” may require the vent to be 3” at least 18” before it exits the roof but I don’t think it’s necessary. The only worry with that is if you live in an extremely cold area. Good luck!

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    "I don't think meeting code is necessary" does not make for a compelling answer. Apr 11 '19 at 18:03

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