In Sydney Australia, how do I connect a 2-wire (red, blue) ceiling light to a 3-wire (red, black, green) ceiling power source?

  • Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. A picture of the box and the fixture might help. – Daniel Griscom Apr 11 at 13:25

See Australia: Which wire is hot / active and which is neutral? for some more details, but basically:

  • Hot: Red -> Red
  • Neutral: Blue -> Black
  • Ground: Green

Typically, if you have a fixture that does not have a separate ground wire then there will be a screw attachment point on the fixture to connect the ground wire.


Australia's historical color for neutral is black. (Following UK's lead for black=neutral red=hot, a convention still used most places for DC power).

The new 4-continent standard for neutral is light blue.

So it's easy to see by context that your legacy Australian wiring has black as neutral, and your modern world-market lamp has blue as neutral. Join those.

Grounds are worldwide standard as green, yellow/green or bare wire.

That leaves two remaining wires that must be the hots.

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