So one of the terminal wires on my families range melted off (one of the black wires) which was probably caused by a loose connection and they ordered a terminal kit but apparently it's meant for dryers. https://www.whirlpoolparts.com/PartDetail/Terminal-Kit/279318/469513 It seems to be the same type of wire but it has screws where the rings/lugs are suppose to go. This is probably a stupid question but if I unscrew those and just leave the hole and inserted into the block, would that work? Would it be able to handle the load and create a tight connection? If not, could I remove those and put a lug on the ends instead? The electric range model is a whirlpool WFE505W0HZ1

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Wait. You are paying $32 for four #12 pigtails?

No, return them, they are too small anyway. They should be #6 (if the breaker is 50A) or #8 if the breaker is 40A, unless it is a factory authorized replacement part for your exact model.

I would just go to an electrical supply house with the burnt pigtail and see if they have those lugs, or better, a premade pigtail in that color. It won't be $32.

  • Yea, I figured they were a bit much for simple cables. Also my brother didn't realize they were meant for a dryer not a stove. So I was just hoping I could make them work. What's small about them? they aren't compatible? You're right tho it does make more sense to do it that way and return the wires. As a novice with wires, I had no clue what to even search for with cables except the color. So depending on my breaker I should be looking for a #6/8 cable for my white and black wire? Appreciate the help. Apr 12, 2019 at 5:08
  • Well, cables are multiple wires inside a sheath. Those look like individual wires. I would take the old one into an electrical supply house and see if they have the parts to make you one. Too small means they catch on fire. Apr 12, 2019 at 16:06

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