I am installing 3/4 inch oak throughout my first floor. The install is over the original pine, which sits directly on the joists. I put 1/4 OSB over the pine (due to a number of factors 5/8" wasn't practical).

I removed a tile hearth pad where there used to be a fireplace. That left me with a roughly 2 ft x 5 ft concrete patch that I had to deal with. I placed 1/4 hardiebacker concrete board to get it roughly even with the floor and then patching compound to level it out. There is also 1/4 OSB over the patch area, which I secured with concrete screws. The long side of the patch runs perpendicular to the floor boards against a wall.

What is the least-bad way of securing the hardwood over that patch? I'm a relative newbie to this, so any insights are very much appreciated!

  • How are you securing the oak to the osb in the other areas? Why is this area to be different? – Solar Mike Apr 8 at 5:22
  • I am planning on using 2 inch cleats with a flooring nailer. This will be different, I assume, because the cleats won't be able to penetrate the combo of 3/4" flooring + 1/4" OSB + 1/4" cement board + whatever depth of actual cement is underneath. – Emkan Apr 8 at 13:16
  • So do a test before you start then you will know what to do - perhaps use 1.5" ... – Solar Mike Apr 8 at 13:20
  • Thanks, that's a helpful suggestion – Emkan Apr 8 at 13:41

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