I'm planning to get a quartz countertop. One contractor told me that all brands of quartz are the same quality since they use the same patented process. Two other contractors told me there is a quality difference among brands. I've looked online and haven't found any definitive answer

Is there a quality difference in quartz from different companies, or are the differences only cosmetic? My highest priorities are durability and ease of care.

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    hanstonequartz.com/blogs/blog/…. Yes there can be huge quality differences since quartz is manufactured product subject to mistakes and shortcuts being made during the process China made quartz is becoming very common and there are issues with lots of the stuff made there. – Kris Apr 8 at 23:28
  • @kris thanks, although I tend to be suspicious of claims on a manufacturer's or retailer's website. Do you think this is trustworthy? – Ellen Spertus Apr 10 at 18:02
  • Generally speaking, there will be quality differences between two examples of anything from different sources (manufactured or dug out of the ground). – mike65535 Apr 24 at 13:51

If you are going with quartz I suggest Silestone. I worked with it for years and it is very consistent.

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