My dad suddenly has serious mobility issues keeping him from his beloved pool. I’m visiting this week and trying to see if there’s some diy pool lift of any design I can build from stuff at Harbor Freight and Home Depot/Lowes that could assist his wife in easily getting him (~205 lbs) in and out of the pool during rehab. We have a complete wood shop (I’m experienced). I want to avoid a bore in the pool deck for stability, but pvc permanently submerged to the pool floor for support would be ok.

Anyone have a pool lift design success or failure? I doubt I’m the first to want this but can’t find anything but commercial solutions online.

This in-ground pool has square corners and enough deck space for a see-saw crane style design. I’m thinking of a corner unit with fixed linkage dunking or lifting, stable enough to accommodate a hard landing into the chair from the deck.

  • Wow.... Man you are a good son, if my father asked me to figure some nonsense like this out, I would of laughed at him for a good few minutes. And told him to empty the pool. "I doubt I’m the first to want this..." Wanna bet? – Sickest May 17 '19 at 8:03

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