I have a wooden raft in my garage which I use for storing miscellaneous items. The raft is made of wooden planks laid side by side and supported by wooden beams (it is an oldish building).

The place was rented out and the person who was using it painted the wooden underside using water paint. Now we are refurbishing it and transforming it into a shop and have come to the painting of the raft underside.

My dilemma is whether we should strip the paint off down to the wood and apply oil based paints (as it was originally painted), or whether, as the painter has suggested, we just lightly sand off the current waterpaint and then paint over it using acrylic paint. His argument is that since no one will be walking over it, everything will be fine.

Of course, going down to the base wood would be a more expensive option. So what I need to know is whether it is in in fact possible to paint over wood using acrylic paint (the kind you would normally use on stone walls) or whether this is just a cheap economy in the long run.

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