Our Kitchen Light bulb finally went out. I need 2 Sylvania super saver FB40CW/RS/SS-6 34W bulbs to replace it. It seems they are not available. Has the number changed? Is their a new replacement bulb?

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    I had no problem finding them using Google. What have you tried?
    – mike65535
    Mar 25 '19 at 12:08

You are correct in that Sylvania no longer manufactures the FB40CW/RS/SS. The only FB40CW bulb they manufacture now is the FB40CWX which is a 40 watt bulb.

There are a handful of suppliers that still have the FB40CW/RS/SS (or a compatible) but I have yet to locate one that sells a quantity of less than 12. I would consider replacing that fixture with a modern LED fixture.

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