Currently right by the toilet in my bath there is a heating register on the floor. I want to build a small wall at the same location and have the heat exit out of the base of that wall.

Is there a way to do that is within code?

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    Sure. Heat supplies routinely exit walls. I believe it needs to be ducted (as opposed to returns, which can be virtually any cavity). Did you have a more specific question? – isherwood Mar 25 at 13:47

This should not be a problem. As far as I know, code concerns itself with how much airflow is available for each room, but whether it comes out of the floor or the wall shouldn't make a difference. All you need is something like this rectangular elbow:

enter image description here

As long as you can find the right size to match your existing ductwork, this is really easy. If you can't find the right size at a big box store then try an HVAC supplier - the place the HVAC techs go to get their parts. If you know exactly what you need, they should be happy to help.

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