I bought a pipe clamp and after it arrived I found it does not tightly fit the pipe because I think it is supposed to be used with a grommet.

enter image description here

The problem is that to find a grommet to fit this thing, I need to know what it is called. What is the name of the item I need here?

(Note that it is NOT an electrical grommet. Electrical grommets that fit into a hole in sheet metal are totally different.)


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I would go to bicycle shop and get the rubber that goes around the handle bar for mounting lights and accessories or handle bar tape.

Or just use rubberized electrical tape.

Just so this is an actual answer to the question

"What is the grommet called for a pipe clamp?"

That would be a Pipe clamp grommet or pipe clamp cushion.

Perhaps this pipe strap dampener strip will work.

Oooohhh i got it. Cush-a-strip !

Help i cant stop. Tico clamp strip.

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