We came back to our house after being gone and having it closed up for 10 weeks. There were some live flies and a lot of dead ones everywhere! I had a dead fly fall out of a bathroom cupboard when I opened it and lifted a lid to a toilet to see a dead fly floating around. When I flushed the fly their were more that appeared,,it was creepy. How did they get into a toilet with the lid closed??? I am having an exterminator come to see if there's something dead in the attic. I HATE flies! Has anyone else experienced this type of fly issue?

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    To your question of how did a flies get into the toilet... I've never had a toilet where the lid seals up tight enough to keep out a fly. There is always a gap. Seems like if it were tight enough, there would be a suction issue when you tried to flush with the lid down. – JPhi1618 Mar 24 at 16:33

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