The cover is missing from this thermostat, so I don't what brand or model it is and I don't have the manual for it. enter image description here


Most residential thermostats are designed to be easily removed on one of two ways:

  • The entire device slides up ~ 1/2" and then pulls off the mounting screws

  • The front pulls forward, possibly with a plastic tab or two on top or bottom pried open with a flat screwdriver, revealing a back panel screwed into wall and containing the connections to the wires going to the furnace & air conditioning.

Either way, once you have it off the wall it is usually easy to find manufacturer/model information.

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That is a Noma thermostat. It's a pretty junky thermostat. I believe that one pulls straight of the mounting bracket. It may be branded differently than Noma but I recognized it immediately.

enter image description here Varage Sale

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