I just installed a magnetic based antenna on my galvanized tin porch roof. Will the metal roof act as a ground for the antenna? I am unable to attach a ground block to the antenna cable, because the end is fed through a window and connected to another cable, and the connection is lying flat on top of my air conditioner base. Thanks.

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I take it that you are talking about a cellular reception antenna. if so, then yes, depending on the specific make of antenna, the design is to ground through the metal to enhance the reception.

  • The metal acts as a ground-plane , which acts as a secondary antenna, using this technique should vastly improve performance.
  • The larger the metal surface, the better the performance
  • The device will work fine with no metal surface, however you should notice a performance degradation on a non-metal surface

It is just like the antennas they have for both phones and CB's they need to have the proper vswr, or correct length of cable and terminations. A galvanized roof would be fine as a ground plane just like a car or truck. The issue with a few folks in low areas is a taller or full wavelength attena would provide a better signal. Boosters may also help but my experience says a full length antenna is the best + a very tall pole, tree or mountain , other than that we would need more info.

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