I've just poured a first coat of Quikrete High Performance Self-Leveling Resurfacer and have irregularities due to not pouring each bucket fast enough for the area I'm resurfacing (250 sf) and, i think, that the water:concrete ratio was too thick to flow. Perhaps due to the relatively low humidity where i am?). I need to level the first coat.

I submitted a support request on Quickrete's site but no response yet.

Can i pour a second skim coat? How long can i wait? Or must i wait? Is any additional surface prep required?


  • I'd totally wait for the manufacturer's recommendation before doing anything. When they reply, would you mind putting the answer in here as well for future searchers ? That's encouraged. – Criggie Mar 19 at 10:53
  • 1
    Thanks, Criggle. I never heard back from Quikrete from the email support request so called the customer support number and the guy was very helpful. Answer: Yes. Multiple coats can be applied. Restrictions - wait 24 hours. Pour additional applications up to 1". I was envisioning the stuff freely flowing all over the floor like water, but it's cement. Mistakes I made: 1. Not having maximum amount pre-mixed and ready to pour (literally) at once. 2. Underestimating amount of material I needed. 3. Trying to smooth it with a floor squeegee. Don't touch it! 4. A bit too thick – user3254174 Mar 19 at 18:40

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