Last September my CT80 radiothermostat would not signal cooling despite the measured temperature exceeding the temperature setpoint. It would be nice if a relative could manually switch the cooling on.

Is it possible or to wire in a manual switch to force (jump) the Red node to the Green (Fan) and Yellow (cooling) nodes?

  • RED NODE ===wire===switch===wire===Green node
  • RED NODE ===wire===switch===wire===Yellow node

A manual switch to engage cooling is a bad idea because it could be inadvertently left on. A better solution would be to have a second, basic thermostat. Wire them both in using a DPDT switch. One side would be the radiothermostat side, the other one is your relative stat.

Radio stat - - - equipment - - - relative stat Y____________Y_______/-_______Y G____________G______/-_______G

This way you can't get conflicts between the stats and no manual cooling issues.

Here's an better illustration enter image description here You don't need to use a rocker switch like in the picture any number of styles are available.

The key point is that the system is always working off 1 stat. If you wanted to set up the heat the same way you would wire it in a similar fashion but with a triple pole single throw (TPST) switch. They are a little harder to come by but still available in many styles.

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  • I can elaborate on that later if it's not clear, I don't have a pen or paper right now. – Joe Fala Mar 10 '19 at 20:34

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