I cut out the pretty pictures from travel guides that are mailed to me. How can I stick them to my condo's walls without harming the walls at all?

I lease my condo and my landlord's very strict. I definitely can't glue or tape the pictures to my wall. Some pictures of my walls -

enter image description here

  • ask your landlord about using sewing pins ..... they leave a very tiny hole – jsotola Mar 8 at 0:42

You need sticky tack

I remember this from when I was a kid and it worked better back then. But it still works great and it's cheap. enter image description herewww.lowes.com

You just use a little ball in each corner and press it into the wall. Simply remove by pulling when you move.

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    Sometimes at removal, especially when the tac has been in place for a long time it can want to leave some residue on the wall. You can either rub it off or use a ball of new tac to roll over the spot and soften up the residue and it will come off with the ball. – Michael Karas Mar 7 at 4:55
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    You can also get white tack that is less likely to stain, though I've never had the blue stuff stain either. – bdeniker Mar 7 at 10:07
  • i've had blue and white both leave behind what looks like grease stains. fwiw, the last pack i bought, manco, seems to work well w/o residue. It actually works a little too well: i've pulled paint and chunks of plaster out of the wall hanging some heavier items (framed pictures, smartphones) with it. – dandavis Mar 7 at 18:20

What about washi tape? I know you said you can't tape stuff to the walls, but washi tape tends to not be very sticky and makes for pretty decoration, too :) (blue/white tack is definitely also your friend, though, as per the other answer!)

  • Can confirm - bought washi tape for my kids crafts and was very disappointed in how not sticky it was. It would work good to barely stick something to the wall. – JPhi1618 Mar 7 at 22:06

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