I have a single-handle kitchen faucet that pulls out on a hose and can switch between a spray and a stream (something like this). Over the past couple months, after I've been running hot water for a while (usually when I'm doing dishes), the faucet will start to make a squealing whistling noise. The noise doesn't go away if I turn down the temperature, but it does get quieter when I turn down the flow rate. If I turn the tap off then on again, the noise comes back after a few seconds - not immediately, but not as long a wait as when I ran it the first time. I have never noticed it start when running cold water, but I also don't run cold water for a long time very often.

What could be causing this whistling, and how can I fix it?

  • @DrMoishePippik It does not, it is a single handle. – David K Mar 8 at 12:55

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