I have an outlet in my bathroom that quit working. Tester reads "open hot". Outlet is at the end of a run and everything else seems to be working properly. Tried replacing the GFCI, but still have the same problem. Any ideas on the likely culprit?

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    Does the wire going to the GFCI have voltage on it when the breaker is on? Even if the GFCI outlet is broken the incoming wire from the breaker box should be hot. When the GFCI is tripped, the "load" side will have no voltage. Load side will be live when the GFCI is reset. – JPhi1618 Mar 6 at 16:39
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    What happens if you replace the GFCI with a plain receptacle? Are you quite sure there is nothing attached to the LOAD terminals of the GFCI? And just to be clear, is the problem outlet the GFCI or is it downstream from a GFCI? – Harper Mar 6 at 16:42
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    Wire going to the GFCI is hot. Nothing attached to the load terminals. Problem is at the outlet (light is red, reset button won't stay in). – Matt Wilson Mar 6 at 16:51
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    Some of the newer GFCI's need the test button pressed then the reset button pressed before they will activate. – Ed Beal Mar 6 at 17:21
  • Yes, what happens when you cycle the test then reset buttons? Also, what make/model is the GFCI in question? – ThreePhaseEel Mar 6 at 23:46

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