I bought a house I have stained two of the rooms I was not able to do the floors all at the same time. So I am now ready to stain the other floors. How do I blend the floors from room to room?

I have put a couple of coats on and you can clearly see the line from the old to the new. I am using the same color stain.

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    " I am using the same color stain." - the same brand & colour, or the same batch? If the first, but not the latter, things gets interesting ;) – Mołot Mar 5 at 14:40
  • Even if they're the same bucket, overstaining tends to darken the doubled area. It's a good question. – isherwood Mar 5 at 14:41
  • I might go so far as to mask specific planks, but I'll wait for an answer from an expert. – isherwood Mar 5 at 14:41
  • @isherwood I'm not saying it is a bad question. Sadly, different batches from the same manufacturer can have slightly different hue and it can make matching colour impossible. Sharon, do you have a photo of the line? And what did you do to prevent staining the same area along the line twice, from both sides? – Mołot Mar 5 at 14:44
  • Has the earlier staining been hit by the sun and changed color slightly? that will make it very difficult to match... Or is there lots of traffic and it has "worn" a bit? – Solar Mike Mar 5 at 14:51

I've had pretty good luck feathering in paint, but stain is hard to do. I've never had a perfect job. I've only done homemade furniture and often choose the rustic look so it's not critical to get it perfect. If the seam is at the threshold (hopefully it is) you can stain the rest of the floor as usual getting full coverage without overlapping as most stains will darken when restained. At the seam, stain over an overlapping swath with a heavily diluted solution.

Test First If possible use a scrap of the wood to test the procedure. If you don't have a scrap of wood buy some of the same wood if you can.

Apply the stain to the scrap let dry. And then try your method. Do multiple tests. And check it in various lighting and angles.

This countertop was blended in. It's hard to see from the image but it is noticeable enter image description here It's a pine counter top I made from stuff lying around.

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