My HVAC system is running for a very short time, then turns off and then makes this turning over noise. It's a 10 year old Amana heating and air conditioning unit. The sound seems to be coming from under the unit and away from it, which is on the ground floor in a closet. The only serial I can see is a goodman chpf3636b6cb.

Here is a timeline of what happens.

  1. HVAC system is turned on in "Heat" mode.
  2. Clicks on and everything sounds normal. Fans are pushing air thorough vents with low humming noises.
  3. Everything completely shuts off.
  4. Turning over noise happens in intervals of 30 to 45 seconds. Here is a sound clip of the noise. https://soundcloud.com/dbroadlick/hvac

The noise does not seem to emanate from the actual tower.

  • That item number seems to be for a coil, which sits on top of the actual furnace unit. Can you open the front cover and see if there a model plate inside of it? That is where they often are. – PhilippNagel Mar 4 at 18:45

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