When I try to add a light kit to my ceiling fan the light seems to short. It is a separate circuit and I checked the wires for the light and they are 120v not 240 I thought maybe I was wiring two hots into the light. I can not seem to figure out what is going on.

I think it uses its own hot from the light switch in the wall but the neutral off the fan. Does this sound correct?


  • What is the make/model of the fan and what is the make/model of the light kit? – Jerry_Contrary Feb 27 at 17:13
  • What does "seems to short" mean? Normally that would trip a breaker. – isherwood Feb 27 at 20:14
  • How did you wire the fan? A photo of the box above it might help. – isherwood Feb 27 at 20:15
  • 1
    Yeah, wiring fan+light can be tricky. You haven't really given enough information to answer this. Photos needed of both fan junction box and switch junction box with the switch pulled out for visibility. Don't unhook anything. – Harper Feb 27 at 22:36
  • Can you post photos of the insides of the boxes? – ThreePhaseEel Feb 28 at 3:31

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