I found some type of loose-fill insulation stuffed behind standard fiberglass insulation while cleaning up my basement. The home was built in 1947 and I'm not sure if what I found is Asbestos (see image below).

If it is Asbestos what the heck should I do, leave it alone? cover it? put a mask on and get rid of it myself? I'm not the owner of the house and am just renting.

enter image description here


Nope. Looks like cellulose. Of course, I'm looking from the other side of the internet and you shouldn't bank your health on my guess.


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    Yes it does, No it does not, Maybe it does. Which ever answer is correct having a bunch folks on the internet tell if it does or does not look like asbestos is of no value to you. If you need a definitive answer You must have it tested. – Alaska Man Feb 26 '19 at 20:56

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