So we found that the reason our switches and plug on the same circuit as our kitchen lights didn't work because they only came on when the kitchen was off. Kitchen lights on, the rest don't work. Kitchen lights off, everything else works. We replaced the light switch and everything seems normal but this is still strange. Any explanation of what may have been happening? We had smart bulbs in the kitchen and so the kitchen lights were always switched on so we could power them through the Google mini or app.

Kitchen power was just lights. Four bulbs on a 2 way switch.

Everything else was a three switch controlling outside lights, hall lights, and garage lights. An alarm system. Fans in the living room ceiling fan and one living room outlet. None of those in the same room as the kitchen.

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    I suspect a 3-way switch has been misconfigured. Specifically, the 3-way is supposed to have 2 travelers on its 2 traveler (brass) screws, and a supply-in and onward-power out on its 1 common terminal, but someone got those twisted around. I would review the 3-way connections, positively identify all travelers, mark em with yellow tape, and proceed from there... we can help if you shoot photos of all the boxes involved. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Feb 26 at 0:28

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