I noticed cold air from my Carrier 58SS furnace. The main burners were not lighting. The pilot flame was strong, but yellow.

When I tapped on the gas valve, the pilot shut off. I removed the pilot tube to clear any possible blockage.

I also removed and replaced the 3-Wire (used previous sparker) When everything was back together, switched on the power. The inducer fan ran for 4 minutes. No spark. I shut it off the power.

What might the problem be?

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    Does the control board have an error code light? – isherwood Feb 21 at 21:43
  • Your furnace has both a hot surface ignitor and a pilot? – BillDOe Feb 21 at 21:54
  • I just had an issue with my furnace not lighting and it turned out to be a dirty filter causing a pressure/airflow sensor to stop the unit from lighting. Changed the filter and it was all good. Check the basics first! – JPhi1618 Feb 21 at 21:56

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