I'm in a composites manufacturing class, and I'm looking to make a one-off carbon fiber mountain biking handlebar from prepreg.

As I don't want to invest in the metal needed to make a proper mold, I'm experimenting with using quarter-sawn oak to hopefully prevent too much warping with the heat. I need to glue some of the boards together to get a thick enough mold, and the mold has to be able withstand roughly 300 F curing temperature for the carbon fiber.

Would a high temp silicone gasket work?

Would it be able to withstand the temperature as well as roughly 50-100 psi of internal force from the bladder without separating?

  • I wouldn't risk a dramatic explosion. Why not silicone plus screws? Even if the adhesive held I wouldn't trust the wood to not delaminate. – isherwood Feb 14 at 20:25

Krayden offers Loctite Hysol, a high heat epoxy suited for wood applications up to 350 degrees. They have other similar products with even higher heat ratings. enter image description here

Here's some 3M Scotch Weld Epoxy as well enter image description here

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