I wanna make a shelf 16' long 24" deep. I want to be able to put on this about 500lb. The 2x4 will sit on a 4x4 so this is good I think. The question is if a 16' 2x4 will hold it.

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    Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. It's hard to understand what you mean; would you add a diagram to your question? – Daniel Griscom Feb 14 at 2:37
  • Sounds like 2x4 would be mostly unsupported. 500 lbs would be a stretch. – TonyH Feb 14 at 3:10
  • Just think - 500 lbs is 226 kilograms which is 2 or 3 people. That's a lot of weight. But a sketch of what you're trying to achieve would help a lot. Sounds more like a workbench or table than a shelf. – Criggie Feb 14 at 7:24
  • i do not think that you can make a 16' shelf with just one 16' 2x4 – jsotola Feb 15 at 5:53
  • Maybe on edge, but I imagine a lot of flex with no center support(s). – Jeff Cates Feb 24 at 4:32

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