have a double sink in my kitchen and the water run back and into the empty sink. can I put a double p-trap in and will it stop the back rain

  • Is the drain plugged somewhere downstream? Tried cleaning it out (a snake)? When & how does the water run back into the empty sink? – Xen2050 Feb 14 at 0:00
  • when I used the sink to wash something in and fill the one sink and release the water it goes to the other sink and then drains very slow. inch and half pvc would going to a 2" solve the problem . in the bath room sinks it drains have two sinks but have separate drain lines where the kitchen both sinks go to the same line. – Deville Livermore Feb 15 at 20:58

A separate trap won't solve this problem when the water backs up through the trap it will do the same thing. The trap is there to stop sewer gas from entering the home.

  • what is the answer to stop the water from backing up in my sink water is very slow draining Is the size to the pipe that the water drain from not big enough. has inch and half pvc for the drain would 2" make it better – Deville Livermore Feb 15 at 20:49
  • Whithout a photo I would say possibly, a plugged drain or vent can also cause problems. I have seen some wild plumbing jobs on double sinks. A photo of the plumbing may give us a clue if it's not the drain or vent. – Ed Beal Feb 15 at 22:09

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