I am looking to buy a gas based indoor heater that I can use in emergency. I have an existing gas log fireplace but it is not modern and I am worried that in an emergency it will lead to a loss of heat overall (since the warm air when it goes up will pull air from inside the house).

Has anyone come across any safe to use indoor heating solution? I have seen propane heaters but they are only recommended to use in indoor construction environments.

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    I wouldn't use any unvented combustible heating device inside the home. They have been known to be fatal, even propane heaters. Vent-free gas logs are available, but even they can be unsafe and I wouldn't trust them as a primary heating source (even emergency heat). A perfectly adjusted device might be safe, the Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer, and I wouldn't risk it, even with a CO detector. – Johnny Feb 12 '19 at 5:46
  • so there is nothing i can do except a functioning fireplace ? – Captain Jack sparrow Feb 12 '19 at 6:02
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    One option is to install a standby generator so if the power goes off, so you can still run the furnace. A newer, more efficient gas log insert can also help. I have a direct vent insert and it gives off a decent amount of heat -- enough to keep the living room warm (which is a drawback since the thermostat is in the livingroom so when the gas logs are on the rest of the house gets cold since the furnace never kicks on) – Johnny Feb 12 '19 at 6:50
  • Of course, you could decide that the benefit of an unvented combustion appliance outweighs the risks -- I live in a relatively mild climate where even winter temperatures rarely dip below the mid 20's or so, so a midweight sleeping bag provides enough warmth. But if you live in an area with more extreme temperatures, you may want the security that an emergency heater can provide. – Johnny Feb 12 '19 at 7:11
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    We actually don’t do product recommendations on this site. I’m going to disagree with Johnny tho, there is such an animal as a direct vent gas fireplace. Here is a link to one example. I have two and they work great and have provided all the heat in a power outage. Find a local fireplace store or dealer, they can help you find “direct vent” solutions that suit your needs. – Tyson Feb 12 '19 at 12:11

You could install a direct vent, wall mounted, sealed combustion, heater that requires no electricity and can be fired with your existing natural gas service or a separate propane source fuel. They are readily available through a myriad of supply houses like Home Depot, Lowes, Graingers, E'bay, Amazon and local contractors. They come in almost any size you would want. For more information just use your computer search engine. This of course would not be portable but would give you heat in an emergency and would not need any electricity unless you added an optional blower fan.

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