I recently went to the electronics store and got a 40w solar panel, charge controller and 12v battery. I was able to easily set this up myself and the system is completely disconnected from mains electricity.

I plan on expanding this setup to add about 4 more 120w 12v panels while still keeping it disconnected from the mains electricity. I plan on using it to power a small media server and charge batteries.

However someone informed me that by setting this up myself I would have troubles with insurance if I ever have a fire not related to the panels.

Are there any laws related to DIY solar setups in Australia and could this cause issues with insurance?

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    Not sure for Australia, but in NZ this is OK as long as you stay within Extra Low Voltage (50VAC or 120VAC). Australia may be different, and insurance and the law are not always the same. – Someone Somewhere Feb 11 at 8:09
  • I guess I would call my insurance company and ask firsr? – Greg Feb 13 at 14:02