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I have 2 switches on wall, 4 wires from ceiling. The ceiling fan I purchased only has 2 wires to be hooked up. Can I combine the red & black wires from ceiling to black wire to remote receiver?

  • How do you want the wall switches to work? – ThreePhaseEel Feb 10 at 20:49
  • Yes. I would like both switches to work. – Bobby Feb 10 at 22:22
  • Is changing to a different remote system an option? – ThreePhaseEel Feb 11 at 0:09
  • What is the model number of the fan? – manassehkatz Mar 12 at 21:32

No. You currently have 2 separate switches...1 for fan on/off and 1 for light on/off, correct? You need to cap either one, red or black, and remove the switch associated with that wire and cap the wires at the old switch location. Best bet is cap the red off, and remove that switch. You could replace the switch in your 2-gang box with an electrical outlet, or just get a new face plate that only has one switch opening.

  • Guys, Thanks for the replies. Yes. I have to switches. I would like both of them to work instead of going through the hassle of changing them. Do I have any other easy options to get both switches to work? – Bobby Feb 10 at 22:16

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