I have a dust collector in my shop and I want to run 6 @ 2 way switches to operate 1 @ 20 volt outlet... The outlet would be there to plug in the dust collector, just 110 volt, I then want to run several 2 way switches, one switch to each machine so I can turn on the dust collector at all of my differently placed machines that I am using at that particular time. I know for a fact this is possible, but can some one please give me detailed instructions on how to wire this up??? Anxiously awaiting!!!

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  • This is an XY problem, that is to say, you are asking about a method to solve a problem (Y), rather than asking about the core problem (X). What is the underlying root problem/objective? – Harper Feb 9 at 1:38
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    Related, how would you solve the problem of closing ports on all machines except the one you are using? If you simply leave all ports open, then your vacuum won't pull sawdust worth a darn. – Harper Feb 9 at 1:41
  • Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. @Harper is right: you also need to think about airflow limitations. But, google "four way switch" for hints on your answer. – Daniel Griscom Feb 9 at 16:27
  • maybe you need a remote control ...... please proofread your post ..... there is a typo and you are repeating yourself – jsotola Feb 10 at 22:33