On the bottom half of our home (basement half) on the outside, we have rigid foam insulation board with a brick foundation coating. This was my husband's parents home for many yrs until we moved in 7 yrs ago. We made a lot of improvements & I have done a lot of landscaping changes as well. But the ugly, grey half of the house remains. It has holes in it from birds, mice, & weed whipping. Every yr I talk about putting some sort of siding on it but get no where. I don't want to just paint it, I don't want any type of metal siding or wood. I'm sure the types of brick siding panels I see at Menards (if that'd be possible) would be very expensive. We really only have 2 sides to cover, the west & north. The other 2 have decks wrapped around & you can't see them anyhow. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

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