I have a center split ranch that uses baseboard heating. The heat is divided into two zones, so the boiler is currently controlled by two different thermostats.

And that has little to do with the question.

I also have a gas insert fireplace that is controllable from a wall thermostat. Its thermostat is about 6 inches away from the thermostat that controls the boiler. I was thinking how nice it would be to combine the thermostats into a single one that can be Alexa controlled. Also, the heating zone that I would combine heats the upstairs, which gets pretty damn cold in the winter. With a "smart" thermostat that has a remote sensor option, as the thermostat is near both the fireplace and the kitchen.

My ideal from this setup would be to have the boiler set to a very low temperature downstairs, a remote sensor in the bedroom set to a reasonable temperature in the mornings/evenings, and the ability to voice control the fireplace ("Alexa, set heat source 2 to 80 degrees for 45 minutes", for example)

Is this possible? I really don't feel like dropping cash on two smart thermostats if I don't need to.


  • Hrm. I wonder if you could bridge Alexa over to a BACnet network somehow, because there are some pretty sweet thermostats in the commercial space that can talk BACnet for supervisory... – ThreePhaseEel Feb 7 at 23:34

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