I want to install a light fixture on a wooden, slanted ceiling. There is no current light box. How involved would this project be?


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    Is there attic above the ceiling, or a 6" space then roof. You'll need space to work or things will get tricksy. – Wayfaring Stranger Feb 5 at 5:27
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    Your biggest challenges would be running cable from an existing nearby box to above the wooden ceiling and then to a wall switch. Otherwise, you may consider surface mounting the cable with wire mould. You will also need to recess and mount an octagon box into the wooden ceiling. – Chris Taylor Feb 5 at 5:33
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    there may be low voltage lighting available for your requirement .... the cabling would be much thinner – jsotola Feb 5 at 5:51
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    Is surface mounted wiring (using either conduit or surface raceway) an acceptable solution here, or is a completely finished look a requirement? – ThreePhaseEel Feb 5 at 12:40

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