In my master bathroom are 4 light switches:

  • 1 dimmer for dimmable overhead LEDS
  • 1 toggle for mirror LEDs
  • 1 toggle for runner LEDs
  • 1 timer switch for light/fan exhaust for shower

I recently replaced these switches. Unlike every other circuit in my house (which have 1 hot per light switch), this 4 gang had the following:

  • 1 hot wire
  • 6 return / pole wires
  • 6 neutrals
  • 6 grounds

I wired it all up and it's working (daisy chained the grounds, split the hot into 4, and tied together 3 of the returns with a wire nut (which is how it was done by electrician before I replaced it).

I did wire the hot differently than the electrician however. The electrician daisy-chained the hot across the 4 lights; I instead used a wire nut to split the 1 hot into 4 hots which I ran to each of the 4 light switches. All the rest of the circuit is fine (neutrals are tied off and unused).

Is this safe and/or OK? Any issues to look out for aside of loose wires? All wire nuts are located in the 4 gang box, and other than the grounds which I daisy chained, there are never 2 wires on a single fastener screw.

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Yes, using a wirenut to connect the hot to 4 pigtails is perfectly fine. Wirenuts are designed to carry the full current of the connected wires. Just make sure all of the wires are nice and snug.


Yes you can loop the hot to all the switches it just makes mounting them a bit tougher, but it is fine to do this.

  • I know that connections create heat to some degree. Is there no concern of 1 hot becoming 4 and the heat generated at the wire nut?
    – Haney
    Feb 5, 2019 at 0:45

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