My new gas hot water heater doesn't heat -manufacturer said shut off cold water intake valve for 1 hour, then check temp of water out of release valve and call them back. It appears that shutting off cold water intake to the heater will also shut off the water to my gas boiler. Can that be right? Will this damage boiler?

  • I would expect that there would be separate water and gas shut-off valves for the water heater and the boiler, unless they are part of a combined appliance. If you don't have separate shut-off valves for the two, then you should shut off the gas to the boiler if there is any possibility that the water in the boiler could drop to a dangerously low level over an hour. Presumably the water in the heating circuit is recirculated and only need a slight amount of "make-up" over a day. – Jim Stewart Feb 4 at 23:23

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