I'm preparing to tile a bathroom wall with white 100x200mm tiles. For aesthetic reasons, I'd like to use contrasting grout in a bright vivid colour. All the pre-coloured grouts I can find for sale are shades of grey and beige. What would be the best way to add colour to white tile grout?

I'm leaning towards stirring paint into pre-mixed grout, or else mixing my own grout replacing some of the water with paint. But I'm not sure what type of paint to use, how intense a colour I could reasonably expect, and whether doing this might affect the grout's ability to do its job.

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Just a guess, i would look into dyes or pigments for concrete .

Mix it into a white grout. experiment with colors and ratios, take notes so you can scale up when you find the combo you like.

A quick web search found this web site as just an example.

I Also found this tutorial,

But wait, there is more. If you act now i will include a link to a handy search engine where You also can use the internet to find out things.

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