I pulled out my fiberglass shower enclosure and replace with a tile base. I only found this drain in stock

enter image description here

Is it OK just to use that? This is basement shower and concrete foundation. So basically I will remove the white nut and plastic/paper gasket and tile up to the lip of the threaded pipe inside. I guess it will be hard to make adjustment up and down on the cover, right?

OR do I use this kinda of shower drain?

enter image description here

There is also a round version but none are available in stock and I have to wait few weeks...


This is the plumbing with 1.5" pipe with male threaded

enter image description here

NOTE: I know 1.5" is not up to code as 2" is required. But this is in basement concrete foundation and I am not planning to make a big mess. 1.5" works fine for me many years.

This is the piece that screw in the male pipe before when there was a fiberglass shower pan

enter image description here

That white piece is basically a female 1.5" to 2" male.

That piece is already raising the level like 1". So the less height, the better for me. "That" is why I was thinking about using the thinner version of another fiberglass drain assembly.


The Oatey 1-1/2" shower drain is designed specifically for this type of application. It looks similar to your first photo and you won't have to use a 2" to 1-1/2" reducer.

1-1/2" SHower Drain

If you need more adjustment, you could go with a Pro-Flo adjustable shower drain.

enter image description here

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